My name is Anatsko Evgeniy Leonidovich. I'm the second coming of Jesus Christ.
    You can find information about me by this link
    I know more in this incarnation than when I was Jesus Christ, and the Gods want, that I share it with you.
    I’d like to tell that the endless hierarchy of Gods exists. Two of sub hierarchies concern us. The matter is that there are the Gods that govern souls and there are Gods-spaces. God the Father and Allah concern our Earth, they are the first level of the sub hierarchy of Gods that govern souls. They are created by the God that American hypnotherapist Michael Newton tells of. This God is also the first level. There are 25 such levels. Further Gods of other quality follow in this sub hierarchy. As for our Universe it’s the first level of Gods-spaces. The quantity of such levels is very high. Both of these sub hierarchies are created by the God of a higher level. And that is endless, the Gods create and govern each other. I’d also like to share interesting information about our Universe. I’ve got a revelation that there are about 8 500 000 inhabited worlds in our Universe, and that we should await the arrival of extraterrestrials as the speed of light is overcomable as a matter of fact. But extraterrestrials haven’t visited our planet so far. I realize that all that I’ve written is improvable, but still I hope that after the reading of this information a genuine feeling will occur to you that all this is true.
    I’d like to say that not everything that is written in the Bible is truth. The beginning of the Book of Genesis can be referred to mythology, including the story of Adam and Eve. It’s difficult to say where the narration of real events begins. I’d also like the Christianity to accept the theory of evolution, as the man is originated from an ape. I’d also like to say that as a matter of fact I didn’t ascend to the heaven after the resurrection but just continued to live, I returned to my mother, than I lived with Maria Magdalina and died at the age of 48 years. In the Gospel there are also other discrepancies with reality. For example, as a matter of fact there was no miracle, according to which I fed thousands of people with some slices of bread two times. Alongside with this, it should be noted, that the miracles of healing were in reality, even the miracle of revival is truth.
    I have also got a revelation from God about the Gospel. I got it in Russian, wrote it word in word and translated it into English.
    “The Gospel was written by people, who didn’t know about the God. They just were writing their thoughts. They just were writing, what they thought about the God.
    The Gospel of Matthew was written by a scientist. He just wanted to write it. But at the same time he could haven’t written it. It was very wise, but it was not quite truth. Alongside with it, it was as blasphemous as wise at the same time. He shouldn’t have written this Gospel. He should have written only what he knew. And he knew just a little. But he was told it, therefore it was just his persuasion. He could have written it in another way, but he wanted to go down in history. All the essence is in it. At the same time he was told not very much. He knew that there was Jesus Christ, who said that he was God. But he was sure that it was so. And he went for it, for writing what he thought about whom he considered the God. He accounted for forgiveness. Since he was writing about the God. Such confusion between what I’m saying and what is written in the Gospel exists because of it. He knew that it was not so, but it cost him a lot. He was found and beheaded. And he is a hero. It is difficult to write all this, but it’s true. We should forgive him.
    Further it was vice versa. People believe in this Gospel and wrote what they were told. That is how it became truth. But the Gospel was not written by divine revelation, it was just thought up. However it was from the words of eyewitnesses. We all need very much, that people believe me again, since it’s not easy at all. I said nothing about the second coming I just believed that it would be, and people felt it. And they began to speak about it. That is how mention about the second coming appeared in the Gospel. It’s very difficult for me to consider about it but it’s needed that you believe me. I hope this Gospel will be appraised according to its value.”
    Then I’ve got a revelation about the Bible, which is also translated from Russian.
    “The Bible was written by people in order the God can tell them what is what. There is much interesting in the Bible but it’s not quite truth. The Bible was begun to compel a very long time ago. Alongside with it there is much unnecessary information in it. But there is much precious in it. But this precious could have been written in a different way. The Bible has many descriptions of historical events. But truth should have been written about these events. It was written by different people of different professions and nationalities. The Book has its element of truth. The Book has many descriptions of events, which were happening in the time of ancient world. The Book of Exodus is not truth. There is much lie in the Book of Exodus. It also has much information about people, who had existed before it. But all these people died without due respect. Moses is a prophet, but he had existed before the Exodus. He was telling truth about how everything should be. But he hadn’t got any divine revelation. He just was walking and preaching. He wrote the Book of Genesis. But it had been in an absolutely different way. The Earth has been created by God in the result of evolution, and everything that is written in the Book of Genesis was written by Moses. He thought it up himself, but it was absolutely not so. The Book of Genesis has much information, which should be deleted at all. Noah existed, but it was absolutely another man. There was much good in him, but he thought up the information about him himself. There had been no flood at all, Noah wrote it himself. But there was its truth in it. He had been preparing for the flood, but there had been no flood. Some events, mentioned in the Bible, there had been, but with some provisos. David is a tsar, whom all had made a messenger of God. He ruled in the time of ancient world. He was a good tsar, but he knew about God just a little. To be more precise, he knew nothing, but he knew much, that a man was supposed to know. He had son Solomon. But they didn’t want people to write about them. They had written about them themselves, and this information had been made public. All this was truth, but it was supposed to have become just information about them. But it had entered the Bible. Further there is little truth in the Book at all. The Gospel is the only part, which can claim the sacredness of Scripture. But there is much untruth even in it. Revelation about it has already been. Further just thoughts of people follow in the Bible. These thoughts shouldn’t be considered to be the message of God. The Revelation of John the theologian, but it’s not quite what was needed of him. He should have written only what he knew about Jesus Christ. But he began to fantasize, this Revelation appeared as a result. My second coming had been planned before writing of this Book, and it will happen not like it’s written in it. All people will learn about me, the God will tell them about it. And now I’m just preaching.”
    Now let me tell what is true out of information about God, known before me.
    What happens with a soul after death and how the spirit world is organized, where there is also the Kingdom of Heaven, can be read in the works of American hypnotherapist Michael Newton “Journey of souls” (1994) and “Destiny of souls” (2000). The electronic version of the books is easily accessible in the Internet, it can be found for example at the site And the books can be bought for example at Michael Newton’s official site (
    Now let me in brief tell you about the contents of the books of Michael Newton. After death a soul comes out of the body and sees it outside. In some time a guide comes for the soul and sometimes its dead relatives. Then the soul goes to the spirit world, where it is healed, and after the talk with the guide it appears before a Council of Elders. At the Council the soul is got an estimation of its past life and also instruction for the work at it in the spirit world. Then the soul goes to its group of souls which numbers from 3 to 25 groupmates, where it works at its past lives and gets prepared for the next life. When the guide decides that the soul is ready for the next incarnation, the soul is suggested to take part in planning of its next life. After that the soul is incarnated again on the Earth, more seldom on another planet. The sense of life is in soul improvement, firstly the soul strives to become a guide itself, than to get into a Council of Elders, and finally to rejoin the Source it came from.
    An interview with Michael Newton can be found here .
    The God said to me that Michael Newton is right. I recommend you to read these books, and perhaps you’ll intuitionally feel that the author is right. There are some inaccuracies in these books, but in general the information is right. The basic moments of the books are coordinated with other independent research of process of dying, with the book of Raymond Moody "Life after life" (1976). A film about this book can be found here
    I would also like that the society has right concept about hypnosis. It should be understood that in order a client to get true information about the spirit world, besides mutual desire of a hypnotherapist and a client certain professional skills of the hypnotherapist are needed. Not every person has talent for it. But nevertheless new specialists of hypnotherapy should be taught. Currently such trainings are held by Michael Newton’s Institute (, which unites hypnotherapists of about 40 countries. I think that if work in such direction is continued, life on Earth will become better.
    In brief it’s everything that I’d like to say. If you believe me I ask to tell about my second coming and about this site to all you can.